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MachSynch already established in Smart manufacturing: Countless alloy smart phone, notebook/tablet bodies machined with our inline QC system indicating optimal sharpness for minimizing loss! 

Ideal for minimizing loss in large volume production environments and high precision/tight tolerance workpieces!

MachSensing: Makes Sense! 

The 1st Wave!

The value of our AIoT sensor systems and wireless connectivity:  providing real-time rapid process diagnostics!

Stabilizes Production Quality/Easily Collates Data and Provides Different Formats for Viewing/Sharing/Maximizes Processing Performance!

 Now with wireless re-charging! Find out more here.

Silicon Wafer Shower Head

Actual Examples from super challenging tiny diameter: deep bore (0.5 x 2mm holes x 100) SiC Wafer rinsing system for even deposition of solution. MachSensing diagnostics show you both condition of drill bit in action and it’s actual positional alignment inside of hole.