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CNC Cutter Sharpness Inline Quality Control System


 Multi Sensor AI IOT 5G Tech. CNC Tool Cutter Holder with Mach Radar software controls and dashboard. Applicable for any kind of CNC cutting/drilling equipment: milling, turning/lathing, drilling, deep boring, grinding, gear  hobbing, skiving, sawing, etc. It will help operator establish optimal cutting tool parameters and help end user avoid costly scrap and rework by showing when to change cutting tool. 


EZ to Use. Hardware is just like standard cutter holder to mount.The system features the latest technology (software dongle included) but the dashboard is extremely simple for CNC machine operators:  can connect to standard machine 3 colored warning lights on top, audible alarm, and even machine cut off, per customer settings.

This is demo of dashboard while MachSensing AI Cutter Holder is installed on the CNC machine. You can see the colored graph showing the digital model of the cutter under pressure from the cutting of the metal workpiece.

Leading manufacturer of top metal body smart phone is one of our customers.  MachSensing Suite is used in their more challenging production applications to maintain quality and achieve related time savings  and decreased material waste. Now MachSensing is being featured in Fanuc and Kuroda sales channels in the Asian region. We also provide our product to leading universities,and technical schools. MachSensing greatly increases production speed and yield. Machine learning helps train system to better process individual jobs and materials.