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Enhancing Safety and Product Quality in SiC Wafer Processing, Transfer and Packaging with Pressure, Vibration and Cutting Sharpness Sensors:

In the semiconductor industry, ensuring safety and minimizing product loss are paramount. Our pressure, vibration, and cutting sharpness sensors offer significant value in several key areas. We customize our sensor solution for each customer use case. Please send us NDA for further discussion. Ideal for equipment makers (with new equipment sales or for CI sales to upgrade customers inline equipment), fabs, fab material supply,etc.

SiC Wafer Haptic Sensing Series

Real-time insights: The value of our AIoT 5G sensor systems and wireless connectivity:  providing real-time data and haptic feedback to operators and enabling cloud-based analytics for deeper insights and predictive maintenance.

Industry 4.0 compatibility: Our solution is a key component of Industry 4.0 initiatives, offering data-driven optimization and improved process control for smart factories.

Conveyor System/OHT

Enhanced safety: Our sensors can monitor hoist movement, vibrations, and payload weight in real-time, preventing collisions, overloads, and equipment damage.They have the ability to alert operators of potential hazards and trigger automated safety measures.

Optimizing efficiency:  Data from our sensors can be used to optimize hoist movement paths and speeds, reducing wear and tear on equipment and potentially improving throughput.

Continuous Improvement for Wafer Fabs to add sensor , OHT Factories, SemiCon product distributors.

Wafer Dicing


Our sensors can monitor blade sharpness, vibration, and pressure during dicing  processes, ensuring consistent wafer quality and reducing chipping or breakage.

Predictive maintenance: Our sensor data can be used to predict blade wear and schedule timely replacements, preventing damage to wafers and costly downtime.

Continuous Improvement for Wafer Fabs to add sensor , Wafer Dicing Equipment makers, SemiCon product distributors.

CMP System

Monitoring the force applied to the polishing plate, head, and wafer carrier is crucial for preventing stress concentration and potential damage to the wafers. By identifying areas of excessive force, your module can help optimize the polishing process and maintain consistent quality.

Continuously monitoring the force also allows for proactive maintenance on the equipment, preventing downtime and ensuring optimal performance.

Accurately gauging the interaction between the polishing pad, slurry, and head is essential for achieving uniform and desired results. Our module’s ability to monitor these parameters can help fine-tune the process for better consistency and yield.

Analyzing the slurry performance through the sensor data can offer insights into its effectiveness and degradation, leading to optimized utilization and reduced waste.

Continuous Improvement for Wafer Fabs to add sensor , CMP Machine Factories, CMP consumable makers, SemiCon product distributors.


Temperature sensors: These sensors monitor the temperature inside the FOUP to ensure that the wafers are being stored at the correct temperature.

Humidity sensors: These sensors monitor the humidity inside the FOUP to prevent moisture from damaging the wafers.

Vibration sensors: These sensors monitor the vibration of the FOUP to detect any potential damage.

Particle sensors: These sensors monitor the level of particles inside the FOUP to ensure that the wafers are not being contaminated.

Pressure sensors: These sensors monitor the pressure inside the FOUP to ensure that the wafers are not being damaged by changes in pressure.

Light sensors: These sensors can be used to detect if the FOUP has been opened, which could allow contamination to enter.

Minimizing defects: Precise pressure and vibration monitoring can help maintain mask alignment and prevent micro-scratches, ensuring optimal yield and reducing scrap due to imperfections.

Continuous Improvement for Wafer Fabs to add sensor , Wafer Mask/Box Factories, SemiCon product distributors.

Wafer Transfer Robot

Highlighting safety: Our sensors can detect imperfections, vibrations, and excessive pressure during wafer handling, preventing costly accidents and protecting operators. Mention real-time feedback capabilities to enable operators to adjust movements as needed.

Reducing scrap: Point out how accurate pressure and vibration monitoring can identify potential issues with grippers or vacuum systems before they damage wafers, saving valuable materials and production time.

Continuous Improvement for Wafer Fabs to replace standard non-sensor EOAT, Wafer Transfer Robot Factories, SemiCon product distributors.

Wafer Scrubbing Process

Pressure Sensors: By monitoring the pressure applied to the wafer during scrubbing, these sensors can help prevent excessive force that could lead to cracks or breakage. Real-time adjustments can be made to maintain optimal pressure based on wafer thickness and other factors.

Benefits of Sensor Monitoring:

Reduced damage: Real-time monitoring allows for proactive adjustments to the scrubbing process, minimizing the risk of scratches, cracks, and other defects.

Improved yield: By preventing damage, sensor monitoring helps ensure higher yields of usable SiC wafers, leading to cost savings and increased efficiency.

Process optimization: Data collected from sensors can be used to optimize the scrubbing process for different types of SiC wafers and cleaning conditions, leading to improved quality and consistency.

Predictive maintenance: Sensor data can be analyzed to predict potential issues with equipment or cleaning solutions before they cause damage, allowing for preventive maintenance and downtime reduction.

Continuous Improvement for Wafer Fabs (to install sensor) , Wafer Wet Cleaning Machine Factories, SemiCon product distributors.